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Julie Van Such

J.VANSUCH, is a luxury scarf collection that launched in 2012. Inspired by designer’s attraction to wearable artistic prints, VanSuch plays with transparency to give a fun, versatile, and modern twist on a classic accessory. All original designs are created through painting and drawing, uniting high quality hand craftsmanship with new digital printing techniques.


Dharma Eyewear


This amazing brand is not only chic & trendy but affordable. We love the fact that there is a meaning, a true care to HELP provide access to the 600+ million people around the globe who can't afford proper vision care, in the form of an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

“Know that when you buy Dharma eyewear, together we are helping someone across the planet see, transform their lives and enable them to be successful. Power lies in each lens, in each hinge, and in each temple - the power of good will.”